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[Elliot shrugs at the question. He is sure he slept but he's not sure how long or how well he slept. He doesn't feel particularly awake or particularly sleepy and he'd long since not trusted any point in time where he didn't have explicit memories]
Sep. 17th, 2016 09:02 am

For Grindr

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There'd always been a hint that he wasn't telling TJ everything. He'd never pretended to be something he wasn't. He'd never acted like he was anything close to normal. But still, the idea of letting TJ in enough to know more. To know about everything that was really important. A part of him was rebelling against the idea and he was more than sure that Mr. Robot was not very happy about it either. But what could he do?

He cared about TJ. He was as important to him as Darlene and Angela. So, he had to tell him the truth. A part of him worried, being with him wasn't really safe and who knew how the son of a political family would feel about his choices to dismantle those that run society. What would he think about the lives that'd been lost because of the war Elliot had started?

There were so many questions plaguing him and he'd told TJ to come over because he'd wanted to talk. He'd done more than his normal regimen of morphine and was smoking as he waited for him to arrive. He'd chosen his own apartment because it was safer, comforting to be there when he was doing something far outside of his comfort zone. Even the cushion that morphine usually provided him from the world hadn't been able to keep out the rising anxiety.

But he was going to do it. TJ deserved to know everything. Elliot knew he was attached far more than he'd ever intended and he felt like it was the same for TJ. He hadn't hacked him again since their first meeting but he thought if he did there'd be some kind of proof of his affection. Maybe.

God where was he? Or was time just slowing down?
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Elliot had heard a lot of things about X Company. He hadn't been sure about getting in bed with them at first. It'd caused more than a few arguments among his own group when they'd discussed it. The final decision had been up to him and together they'd started hatching out a plot. The first step was to erase debt, level the playing field for everyone.

The thing that Elliot knew, was that many facets had to be addressed in person. As much as he hated it. So he had set up a meet and being that he was the leader of the small band of societal rejects and rebels he went to meet their contact. Why was it a coffee shop? The coffee was lousy and he couldn't smoke in here. It wasn't even one of the shops with good wifi.

He had his laptop out anyway. It was mostly too look busy. To keep anyone from talking to him in case the black hood over his head wasn't enough.
Aug. 28th, 2016 12:48 am

For grindr

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[Continued from here]

Elliot was in a good mood. He still kept his hood up, blocking out the majority of the world's sights and sounds and narrowing his focus to what was in front of him but he didn't feel so pressed in. It was a good day for him. He had those sometimes. The really good day where he was sure that what he felt was something akin to true happiness.

And this was the first time he'd been spending one of those days with TJ. TJ had seen him at some of his worst so he figured, he was worth sharing this sort of day with. Between the subway and the walking it'd taken about an hour to get to TJ's place after the last text.

When he got inside and up to TJ's floor he lightly knocked on the door, before he pull down his hood. His face was relaxed and even a slight smile accented his resting expression today.
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